Nurturing a creative life.

Nurturing a creative life.


Living a more creative life is a journey of self-discovery and a commitment to embracing your unique voice. In this post, we'll explore ways to access creativity, uncovering the joys, challenges, and transformative power that come with dedicating yourself to a life immersed in creativity.

Unleashing Your Creative Spirit:

Living a creative life starts with recognising and unleashing your creative spirit by digging deeper into your true self, experiences and motives. In the past I have written down notes to brainstorm who I am, what motivates and inspires me and any related symbolic references under all the categories I recorded.  It's about embracing the notion that creativity is not confined to a canvas or studio but leaks into every aspect of your life. Whether you express yourself through painting, writing, music, or any other medium, the creative life is a celebration of your inherent creativity. Learning to join up the dots or think outside the box, can also be helpful in everyday life, such as within business, family life, conflict resolution, and other general problem solving tasks.

Embracing the Process:

The creative life is not solely about the finished product; it's about relishing the creative process. Embrace the messy sketches, the drafts, and the moments of uncertainty. Each stroke of the brush, word on the page, or note played contributes to the rich tapestry of your artistic journey.  All victories and failures during this process, sometimes remain within the subconscious to then resurface at a more appropriate and useful time.

Finding Inspiration in Everyday Moments:

Living a creative life means finding inspiration in the ordinary. Whether it's the textures on the back of an old truck, the bustling city streets, or a quiet moment of reflection in nature, creatives are attuned to the beauty and inspiration that surrounds them. Cultivate a heightened awareness of your surroundings, and let them fuel your creativity.  Always having many questions about your surroundings such as…what I am observing/experiencing has evolved over many years so why is this the present product/result? How is it constructed? What does it do for us? How does it make you feel and why? Can we improve it or simplify it? What does it remind me of? How can I interpret this within a medium? and so on…

Sometimes when we are disconnected in a more relaxed brain wave state such as…exercising, doing mundane tasks, or falling asleep, then we can subconsciously unlock or solve problems and generate ideas without thinking. When this works, you need to be recording what you discover via notes, journals, sketches etc. The act of just recording can also progress the idea.

If you are inspired by another creative persons ideas from whatever medium, think how can I use this within my medium but remain individual or unique. For example…you see the local baker giving away free samples, so the que is out the door! Could make you wonder if there are tasters or trials within your business or practice that can entice more demand or get them through the door.  

Creating a Supportive Environment:

To truly live a creative life, surround yourself with a supportive environment. Connect with fellow creatives, attend workshops, and engage in conversations that nurture your creative spirit. Also a community of like-minded individuals can provide encouragement, feedback and inspiration. Listen to many podcasts, view many books, museums and cultural venues, listen to a broad range of music and document what inspires you. I’ve made paintings from song lyrics and podcast topics.

Balancing Passion with Practicality:

While passion fuels the creative life, finding a balance between creative pursuits and practical considerations is essential. Whether it's through freelance work, commissioned projects, or teaching, finding ways to sustain your creative endeavors allows you to continue living the creative life without compromising your financial well-being. Once you start creating for a commercial gain it can sometimes effect the art itself.  Take your time to organically do what you enjoy creating without ever needing to gain from it.  If things fall into place after that, that’s a bonus!

Cultivating Resilience:

Living the creative life often involves facing rejection, criticism, and self-doubt. Cultivate resilience by viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. Learn from setbacks, celebrate small victories, and recognise that creative journeys are marked by both highs and lows.  Burnout can become a common place for creatives but rest assured that if you step away from the creative process then you can revisit your head space with a new perspective and possibly make sense of where you were going with your ideas.

Expressing Your Authentic Voice:

Ultimately, living the creative life is about expressing your authentic voice. Don't be afraid to explore uncharted territories, experiment with new mediums, and let your unique perspective shine through in your creations. Your art is a reflection of who you are, and living the creative life means staying true to yourself.  Remember that you are unique and need to convey your history, beliefs and motives into your practice.  Some people will resonate with your voice and some won’t but like Rick Rubin’s says…’The audience always comes last’.

Keep on absorbing the world because it was designed by creatives and we need more of them!

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