A.I will kill Artists!?

A.I will kill Artists!?

If we think about the process of creating, it’s generally a process of combining a multitude of personal experiences.  What we already know and see as familiar to us, wether it be materials and tools we use, subject matter, composition, what worked and what didn’t work in the past and our reaction towards this.  We then try to expand this boundary of familiarity and introduce our own experiences and preferences.

To gather our historic references and material of what came before us, it started with cave markings, then literature, scrolls, tapestry, paintings, books, magazines, internet, Google, Social Media.

Developing over time we see a pattern that this new automated technology will fit firmly in place and save us even more time!

The internet over the years has become clogged up with so much content. If we have a general question of our practice or development, we have to navigate cookies, adverts and irrelevant material.

A.I can filter through a lot of the noise and sometimes can act like an assistant.

Currently the visual art it produces still feels very artificial. Over the years it will visually get better but you can’t beat some blood sweat and tears into a textured work of art.  Also everything that surrounds the Artist, like their motivations and insight can enhance the art itself!

You never know though…one day the personality of an A.I bot could be so inspiring and realistic, it may become normality for us to follow these A.I influencers and want their creations!

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